OFB027 - Got a burning question you need answered? #AskAG is where you need to ask it!

April 11, 2016

In this episode of the Open for Business podcast weare getting stuck into the #AskAG LIVE stream which is a weekly show that Ihost as per of Open for Business, using the Facebook Live platform! It is anawesome platform which anyone can use to start their journey into livestreaming! Perhaps you just want to check it out and see if its right for youor maybe you are ready to harness the power of live streaming and build yourbusiness or brand! If you want to learn more about live streaming then checkoutEpisode 024 where we diving into the world of live streaming across thedifferent platforms available!

This episode is all about the #AskAG live stream whichgoes live Wednesday nights at 8:30pmAEST! It’s a live stream for any one whowants to join and ask any questions you might have around employment, buildinga career, entrepreneurship, small business, startups and DOING YOUR THING! It’sas simple as jumping on the live stream at 8:30pm and dropping your question/sinto the comments section! I will then give you the best answer possibledrawing the knowledge and skills I have gained over the decade I have spentworking in small business and entrepreneurship! 

Let’s jump straight into the show! It’s time to become…Open for Business!


#AskAG Live – A weekly live stream via Facebook Live to answer all yourburning questions! 

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